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                                                                      Club Rules


Agenda for A.G.M. April 14th 2019.

Present:-  D.Pether, B.Goodman, D.Patrick, P.Armstrong, J.Smith, D.Newman.

  • 1) Minutes of 2018 meeting.  (Read)

  • 2) Reports from Committee Members. (Done)
  • 3) Election of Committee Members.  ( All re-elected except  for Match Secretary which has been left 

  •    vacant). 

  • 4) Permits to remain at £10 and £3 respectively.  (Agreed)

  • 5) Prizes to remain the same.  (Agreed)

  • 6) Honorariums to remain same as last year. (Agreed)

  • 7) Club to contribute £200 towards peg fees for Lakes. (Agreed)

  • 8) Prize presentations. (Done)


       1) A reminder that anyone fishing matches must be in possession of a valid Masons A.C. permit,

        as stated in Rule 1 of club rules.

        2) If there are two or more cancelled matches due to bad weather they will be replaced by one 

        match at the end of the season with double points.



                                                                                      Club Rules

  1. All persons must hold a valid permit and rod licence to fish club matches.

  2. All persons must comply with Environment Agency, ODAA and club rules,


  3. Members intending to fish matches must notify the Match Secretary no later than 8.00 p.m. 

     of Friday preceding the match.

  4. Members must fish at least two matches before the Christmas match to be eligible for tickets.

  5. Children will become eligible to purchase an adult permit if aged 16 on or before June 16th.

  6. No floating baits of any description allowed in matches.

  7.No baited lines to be left in water unattended. Anyone found to be breaking rules during

     matches will be disqualified.


Below is a copy of the Club Constitution which members can download or copy.

Club Constitution.htm 



Below is a copy of Match Payouts.

Match Payouts.htm